Learning Russian by Skype

Nowadays it seems like we do just about everything online - pay bills, keep up with friends, watch television - so why not learn Russian online, too! Вasically all you need to learn Russian by skype is a computer, fast Internet connection and of course skype. If you want to learn Russian online, you may want to take advantage of new media tools. True RussiaN has audio and video files, interesting and lively podcasts, and interactive tests to monitor your progress. You can also learn Russian online as a supplement to language classes you are taking elsewhere. The more practice you get, the better; the more fun you have, the more you will enjoy continuing your study!:)

Enjoy the freedom of learning Russian- when you want, where you want!.

Does Skype mean just speaking?

No, it doesn`t. Our main aim is to improve all 4 language skills that is speaking, writing (the Russian keyboard has to be installed), listening (using online podcasts and Youtube videos) and reading and to use the communicative approach during our lessons that includes role-playing, interviews, different types of games and so on.  


What are the payment terms?
The payment can be realized by a transfer to our Paypal account.
Other payment options are also possible.